National Lipstick Day – 29th July

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Hi Beauties!

This is for all the lipstick lovers all around the world. In order to celebrate the National Lipstick Day, today I just want to talk about the love we all share for this small little makeup item. This tiny bullet alone has a great potential to brighten up a face, make one look and feel beautiful by boosting the confidence of a person. You can go without any makeup just wear a favorite lipstick and you are ready to conquer the world.

Among all the makeup items – powders, blushes, eye-shadows, highlighters etc. lipstick, I believe is the most popular and the most ancient makeup item used to enhance the beauty of a person. There was a time when women as well as men wore lipstick as a symbol of upper-class status.

Beautiful Image of Lipsticks

This tiny bullet of lipstick has been under a lot of controversies for many-many centuries. Through out the history people had different opinions about about using lipsticks. Some appreciated it, some tried to ban the use of lipsticks, in some societies using lipstick was a symbol of upper class. It has come a long way and survived gloriously.

In the 17th Century the British Parliament attempted to ban wearing lipstick as they called it “the vice of painting” but the bill was never passed. Where Queen Victoria considered it impolite and inappropriate to wear lipstick, Sir Winston Churchill considered it as a great confidence booster for his soldiers fighting the World War II.  But during the Roman Empire lipstick was used as a symbol of higher social status.

Beautiful Image of Lipsticks

Today, lipstick is socially as well as culturally most accepted and most used makeup item through out the world. I believe most women all over the world either wear a lipstick, a lip-gloss, liquid lipstick or even a lip balm to take care of her lips, to enhance her beauty, to boost her self esteem and walk with pride. I feels great to hold this small bullet of wonder and beauty – forever. 🙂

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read 🙂

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